Direct from Copenhagen, Denmark - 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference - (8 – 18 December '09)

Acting as the official High Tide COP15 envoy, distinguished ecological artist Aviva Rahmani will be immersing herself in the burgeoning eco-political activism in the city and sharing her experiences with us via this daily blog.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

End of Day 9 Copenhagen Day 8 COP15 Narrowing my Focus

My focus has narrowed down for the next 30 hours to being in the right place at the right time, being a conduit for what's going on and what I have to present and maybe, just maybe getting some good rest.

The title of my Press Conference was:

SOS Gulf to Gulf Gulf Degradation Internationally and a Model for the Role of Art at COP15

Then I changed it to:

Art can help build the capacity and facilitate adaptation needed at COP15;
SOS Gulf to Gulf is a virtual model for the role of art

I changed the body of the text to first clarify the role of art.

Confirmation has arrived for delivering my press conference 3:30 PM at COP15 Bella Center and I have access to a badge to get into the Bella Center tomorrow afternoon. The press release & info sheet is completed. Now I just need to get from the morning workshop I'm leading at the North end of town to the Bella Center on time, look & act presentable (despite my bad cold and no chance to wash my hair), deliver my materials, present clearly & convincingly, get something to eat and then find my way back (to a new venue) by 5: PM in the evening to show my films. We have changed the venue for fear of violence at Christiana.

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