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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day 3 COP15 Binding Agreements Issues Confrontation

Came in on the Plenary discussion of whther or not to have a binding decision on agreements to emerge from this COP. Islands nations testifying. Barbados saying that the most most vulnerable countries are at the mercy of the largest, developed countries. (audience applause) declaration that COP should be suspended unless we agree on this point.

Saudia Arabia predictably "strongly objecting" and switching to English to make this point, asking the President to rule against them. India standing by absolute protocol, apparently in tandem with Saudi Arabia. Reminding me of an off the record aside Monday from one of the carbon scientist laughing dismissively at some "concession" from India. Someone speaking now from Burkine Fasso in French- too busy trying to read the credit (small on the screen) and thinking I don't know if that's a country and haven't heard of it- to catch the content. India replying that they have lots of islands and that's why they want to move forward (and apparently disregard all the other islands and have no restrictions on their own behavior).

President ruling in favor of Tuvalu, etc island states to consult with all the island states to get consensus. Kuwait saying they belive in the President's wisdom. Confusing whether some of these statements from the more secure states are about face or content. The are saying "not to waste time" which I take to mean they are in the camp with India & Saudia Arabia. Venezuela speaking in Spanish saying no paper will save us it's a matter of political will. (Applause again but I think the audience missed the point that Venezuela is also in the Saudi Arabia camp.) Tuvalu asserting the morality of addressing the issues seriously (this time I clapped hard enuf - with others- to hurt the ears of the person (Japanese?) next to me. Algeria, in French, taking dissent with Venezuela. Chad, also in French. I couldn't understand their position because it sounded so equivocal (alliance issues or my misunderstanding his heavily accented French?). China now speaking in Chinese. Apparently choice of language has become a political statement. I can't understand a word: 50% of the world can. Finally a phrase in English: "at least 40% (carbon emissions reduction- confirmed by the man next to me, apparently Chinese not Japanese)." A radical position compared to the USA but by when? Culture Futures yesterday was saying 80%. Saudi Arabia in Arabic looking complacent, belligerent and tired.

President looking very tired. Barbados, in English, speaking again to the need for attention to the island states. Saudi Arabia, et al are argeuing that the island states want to hold things up with new proposals. Barbados, Marshall Islands, clarifying they want tranparency and serious discussion, not delay. Clearly this has become a legal battle of terms that could be the turnign point of the conference. Tuvalu again: clarifying formal consideration of an amendment under existing protocol. Kenya speaking but like Chad, they sound neutral. United Arab Emirates also sounding neutral. President announcing the consultation will begin & they must report back at 3:. Tuvalu again refusing the ruling because it will be informal and not transparent and demanding suspension of COP. Big murmurs in audience. Silence on screen and obviously heavy conversation at the podium. President ruling to suspend consideration and revert to 3: plan.

Progressing forward to CMP. The island nations have apparently lost this battle.No? Yes? Tuvalu asks for floor again asking for clarification. President confirming suspension of COP till 3:.

Now considering joint implementation. I'm confused about the legal implications of this ruling and move and will have to clarify the implications. But it seems to imply that that the country delegates are now excused and the committees are now addressing the Plenary about how to deal with stakeholders and initiate and monitor projects.

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