Direct from Copenhagen, Denmark - 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference - (8 – 18 December '09)

Acting as the official High Tide COP15 envoy, distinguished ecological artist Aviva Rahmani will be immersing herself in the burgeoning eco-political activism in the city and sharing her experiences with us via this daily blog.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

COP15, Kiribati, Tuvalo & Tar Sands

The attendance at the Kiribati event was packed with standing room only. The islnders gave out shell necklaces, danced, pled, sang an incredible song about a lost frigate bird looking for her island, vanished beneath the sea. the said they were proud but had limited resources and spoke for all island nations: they want to stay on their land and not burden the world as refugees but they need millions of dollars they don't have.

There are demonstrators everywhere today in the conference. In the morning going into the Plenary All along there have been events and lots of people in costume, but today, they are everywhere. Major events include press conference about indigenous peoples and the Canadian Tar Sands. Major demonstration in support of Tuvalo with as you enter the Plenary.

President announcing COP15 consideration of the island states report. Still under way with no agreement. CMP continues. the unspoken agenda is now being shreiked: the developed countries are destroying the small nations, young people of the world and countless non-human species with impunity. Will they get away with it?

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