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Acting as the official High Tide COP15 envoy, distinguished ecological artist Aviva Rahmani will be immersing herself in the burgeoning eco-political activism in the city and sharing her experiences with us via this daily blog.

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Friday, 11 December 2009

Day 5 COP15 Typing from Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change Press Conference

Besides facts, figures, references to the COP15 text, entire tenor geared to help the press tell the story.

First question: ethics of media re: leaking of documents causing disruptions
Answer: from Nancy Tuana: focus on big picture and explain larger perception, data subject to investigation. Put more attention to educating people about science to contextualize info

Question; to Don Brown: justify 17% target of USA; refusal to pay reparations re: adaptations; moral; legal liability re: damages
Answer: disconnect between science and agreements. Ask nations explain their position
John Rosales: ethics issues (such as these) compelled (ethics group) to write white papers about these situations

Question (mine): how advise media to negotiate corporate control of media conflict of interest?
Answer: Reporters can examine duties; responsibilities of nations to ask logical follow up questions, are they denying responsibilities to others? Ask questions to not let people get away without ethics. No ethical system justifies narrow economic interests. We want to know if there is denial in regards to effect on others?

Question: do only nation states have obligations? ie. representative from Youth Forum offered to pay $.25 a day to off set reparations and take individual responsibility?
Answer: We need a discourse on obligations of individuals, duties to reduce fair share of emissions and contribute to reparations. COPs don't take pressure off individuals. Members of Ethics group and others can expand self of self with students in teaching, religious communities

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