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Friday, 18 December 2009

Day 12 Copenhagen, Day 11 COP15 and The Good COP15 Press Conference

I woke to gray clouds scudding diagonally past my window and snowflakes slowly winding their way down. Angelika, Andros and Auguste, their sturdy 18-month old son & I went out today. I mailed home almost $100. worth of paper and then Angelika and I went on to see some art- only her third outing without her family, since having Auguste eighteen months ago.

Ian Garrett had suggested several venues and highest on my list was the Yes Men at the Poulsen Gallery. We walked thru the beautiful, old part of the city and I got a lesson in Copenhagen's demographics while snapping pictures of the city, which now looks like the home of Hans Christian Andersen rather than the shocking site of police violence it was Wednesday.

The show was great.
I loved it. It was all activist work. Upstairs I was fitted by Larkon of the Yes Men and modeled the Survival Ball, a suit for the executive who has everything but wants insulation from needs or empathy. Downstairs we met a larger bunch from the Yes Men & Avaaz doing "Good COP15,"

Larkon took me into their performance space and started a press conference for me in "the Good COP," set up to look like the Bella Center. They've done about 100 press conferences so far, including with Darryl Hannah, of what people would want to say (not just your fifteen minutes of fame but a whole press conference) at Bella. Larkon just had a little hand held, but then a REAL news crew came in: Wendy Jewell, producer and Sister Jewell-Kemker, filmmmaker, reporter and activist for, "An Inconvenient Youth; kids fighting for their future," with serious camera. We did it all over, inc a Q&A, and all happily exchanged cards after wards.

So finally, I had my press conference in the "Good COP" with the Yes Men. And maybe, in the end, that was where it was supposed to happen.

Tonight is my last night here, so unless some major news happens, it's au revoir and thanks for the laughs. It was great while it lasted. :).

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