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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Communications with the Media Center in response to my query about options

Received 10:53 PM
Dear Aviva,

I am really sorry about that. You may ask Marilyn to contact me: tel.
xxxxxxxxx. I will make sure it is placed on the shelve dedicated for NGO
press advisory.

Best regards,

Jingwen Yang

Press Conference Room Officer
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - secretariat

My response back:

Dear Jingwen,

Thank you very much. I'm sure this situation is as frustrating for you as it is for us. As I wrote a list serve I am part of about today:

"As I said tonight at my film screening, 'to the world, it appears as tho a very few people, with limited information, transparency, accountability or insight, are determining the fate, literally of billions of others, not to mention other species."

I would be very surprised if Marilyn still has the 500 copies I printed and gave her. But perhaps she might advise you where they were left and some might be retrieved and placed where they could do some good. Just in case, I attach the first page.



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