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Monday, 14 December 2009

Bad news, good news

The bad news is that most NGOs will be kicked out of Bella by Wednesday and that means I may not get in for my scheduled press conference Friday, because I will need a secondary badge, almost impossible to come by. I went off to the press office for clarifications. The word is that of all the thousands of observers, only 1000 will be let in Thursday, only 90 on Friday. The mood at Bella is very angry, as am I- well, really frustrated and anxious. One reason we are all being bumped, is the size of the entourage with each leader. Most (but not all) press, had I gotten credentials in time (November 30- but no one had any idea this would be an issue then) will be allowed in. They have refused my credentials as submitted too late.

More bad news: Andrew Revkin's last day at the NY Times as their premiere environmental science reporter, will be Dec 21.

The good news is that the EPA just announced in session that it will start enforcing the Clean Air Act, enacted but not enforced under Bush. This means emissions standards can be reached far above the 17% level officially announced. Congress can then go on & debate legislation but emissions sources will be shut down: an end run around conservatives.

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