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Monday, 7 December 2009

10:45 PM Back at the Koefoed's After Reception at City Hall

Food at the reception...

MOST FUN TODAY was today at 6:PM when we all gathered for the giving of the fossil awards. Huge crowd, singing, booing the awardees, laughing.

Kseniya Lvosky, Program Leader for Climate Change at the World Bank, told me she expects a treaty agreement of 25% reduction in emissions a few months after COP15. Richard Damiana, Lead Environmental Economist for South Asia Sustainable Department of the World BAnk was more skeptical.

the people at are taking a poll on whether or not a treaty will come of the conference. I said my hunch was a treaty was irrelevant. It would be a question of how mad the little/poor countries will get with the developed countries that are destroying them.

I told the woman from the South African delegation that I was sorry about George Bush. She said, "well then, start raising money for us."
I told Susan, from Rwanda, that I was glad they had joined with other African Nations in demanding restitutions and holding firm to radical changes.

The food was delicious. City Hall was splendid. The bus driver on the way back, took us all the way around town back to the Bella Center. I had a long conversation with Vincent O'Hara, Senior Editor of RTT News, Global Financial Incentives and repeated some of my recent conversations. On the metro back to the Koefoed's, Alison Gannett, a firend and colleague of Jim White's, was wearing an enormous ski and the sign: "Save Our Snow." She had walked 250 miles from one city to another wearing the ski and the sign.

Just sent a mailing that began with:

"After Katrina, in 2005, I announced I had decided to stop flying as a protest against global warming. November 2009 I broke that vow and flew to Europe to engage, as an artist, with global warming policy makers."

Returned home lugging about 50 lbs of books and articles to read (literally. Tomorrow, I head out to see events outside the conference, including ARTPORT, making waves, which includes work by a number of friends, as, Insa Winkler, Subankhar Bannerjee, Kim Abeles and a number of people whose work I donn't yet know..

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